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Content Strategy and Creation

Content is at the core of any successful digital marketing campaign.

With trillions of pieces of content all vying for a limited amount of attention, your content must be created with a combination of strategy and winning creative.

 Infinite Labs Digital’s content services are rooted in research. We pride ourselves on marrying data with creative so that your content delights users while meeting your business objectives. Whether it’s a 30-page whitepaper or a 300-word blog, you’ll know that your content is backed by a holistic strategy.

Our Content Strategy and Creation Services

Create search-centric content that meets customers at valuable moments along their decision journey. Our SEO services will give you a roadmap for updating, consolidating, or creating valuable content for search. 

Not sure if you have quality content? Usability testing allows you to go from guessing to knowing exactly how your target audience moves through your website, what content they’re looking for and, most importantly, WHY. 

Whether it’s live action, animation or even something interactive, Infinite Labs Digital’s video team knows the keys to making an impactful video. Whatever the goal, we’ll make sure your video is professional, convincing and entertaining. 

Our digital team will dive into your analytics and uncover content changes or additions that will have the greatest impact based on your goals. From there, our copywriters will work with you to create compelling content that nurtures visitors down the funnel while also matching your brand’s personality and voice.

Creative is only creative if it drives results. If you sign on for our ongoing reporting, we will provide monthly reports on KPIs related to your content as well as strategic recommendations for improvement.

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We Believe In Transparency

Usability Testing 

Includes test planning, setup and analysis of 5 remote, unmoderated user tests within your target audience. A findings presentation, highlight reel and site improvement roadmap are also included.


The first stage in our conversion rate optimization process includes discovering goals and measurable KPIs and milestones, monitoring of those goals and conversions for an identified period, and a Google Analytics audit evaluation, including a specific issue identification list.

Video Creation 

Pricing may increase depending on length, creative approach and level of complexity. 


Includes drafting and editing of all requested website pages. Flat rates for complete website content are also available, depending on the page count.

Digital Monitoring & Consultation 

Includes monthly report, monthly presentation, and prioritized list of recommendations. Pricing may vary based on report detail.

Good Design Is A Language, Not A Style.

Infinite Labs Digital is more than a digital marketing agency—we’re an intelligent inbound marketing agency of inbound strategy, design, web development, public relations, and marketing automation experts.

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