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By offering a cohesive website and multi-functional platform, we helped this major energy drink company streamline their customer interface program and achieve efficient workflows.

We were brought in to deliver a comprehensive solution that worked across all facets of the organization.

Implementing our inbound marketing program, CMS/COS (Content Optimization and Managment System), and providing both site and microsite design, we focused on providing Javakick with a solid foundation for its digital operations and for COS Development.


  • Information Architecture
  • COS & CMS Development
  • UX Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Microsite Strategy

A Word From Javakick: 

We were introduced to the Infinite Labs Digital company in the summer of 2017.

At that time, our company was in its infancy. Our sales were slumping, website was sub-par and our site was not getting the traffic we wanted.

We were on a road to nowhere, and fast. We needed a strong partner in the social media and digital marketing space with experience and knowledge of all the trends.

Prior to our initial conversation with the CEO of the company, we spoke with other companies. All of them failed to give us any valuable information or plan of action.

Once we had the conversation with Mr. Alavi, we knew right away that our search was over. In a short period of time, he was able to show us every single pitfall and shortcoming that we had. He gave us a legitimate timeline for the project and reasonable expectations for the endeavor we were about to undertake together.

Interestingly enough, even then, he did not want us to sign any contracts. He invited us to come to Orlando headquarters and meet with the team. In his words, we would have to be comfortable with everybody in order to move forward.

Meeting with the team was 3 hours long. It was more educational than introductory. Just from the meeting itself, I felt like I could have a conversation with people in the field and not sound like a novice.

Each member of the team was and is a professional in their particular specialty. For each one, no detail was too small and no mistake went unnoticed. All team members were proficient in all aspects of their tasks at hand. I was given a free evaluation of my site as well as the sites of our competitors. Proper goals and deliverables were set along with a realistic timeline for completion.

Fast forward a few months, they built us a brand new and extremely consumer-friendly website. They have also re-created our product in a multimedia space all while adding significant content to our site. They went above and beyond. Our first month saw 30,000 people visiting our site, and second month went up to 45,000. Our Amazon store tripled in sales.

In this day and age, you need a reliable partner to tackle the challenges of this modern, internet-based world. It is my pleasure to recommend them to anyone starting up or who wants to recreate themselves in the digital consumer sphere.


Advertisement from Muscle Media Magazine



Unified, more functional customer management system for communicating with donors, volunteers and advocates.


Website design that “got the brand” immediately, with minimal revisions.


Mobile-friendly pages that are easy to navigate and encourage donations and volunteer sign-ups.


The effective launch of ReStore microsite that fulfilled the retailer’s requirements for both autonomy and connection with Greater Santa Cruz Area in California.

” This day and age, you need a reliable partner to tackle challenges of the modern, internet-based world. It is my pleasure to recommend them to any one who is starting up or wants to recreate themselves in a digital world of todays consumer economy. “

Dr. Sergey Losyev, DPM, COO JavaKick LLC

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