Advertising 2018: How the Shift to Digital Affects You

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By Abby Cronin

Advertisements- love them or hate them, they have shaped our culture for centuries and continue to influence everything from our fashion to our food. As our society shifts towards a digital consumer experience, how we market must shift accordingly. We’ve witnessed the rapid demise of those who failed to accommodate this new technology-driven landscape; Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and Radio Shack to name a few. Here are just some of the ways our new digital world affects you, your business, and the future.

Advertising 2018 Tip #1: Social Media Isn’t Going Anywhere

With sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, consumers are ambushed with content every minute of every day. Companies constantly vie for the one thing money can’t buy, and that is consumer attention. Brands who could once throw a million dollars at a t.v. spot and have sales quadruple are coming to realize this method is outdated and inefficient. Appealing to the masses is not only ineffective, it actually hurts sales. The smart brands realized this early on, and they adapted. How did they do this?

One word: personalization.

Figure out exactly what your customer niche looks like. Specifically. Treat customers like people, and engage with them. Form meaningful relationships so they are not only satisfied, but delighted with your brand. Nobody wants to feel like they are being sold to, they want to be treated like a person. All successful companies realize this.

Advertising 2018 Tip #2: People Buy to Feel

Gone are the days when people buy products solely out of necessity. People don’t buy to survive, they buy to thrive. Retail therapy exists, and motivates even the brokest of consumers to spend money they don’t have on your product. Why is this Consumers seek a benefit from your product to fulfill a desire– be it physical, mental, or emotional. When a woman pays more for a pink razor it’s not because it works better than the blue one. They buy it to satisfy some other need. Maybe pink is her favorite color, and she figures it’s worth it to spend the few extra cents on the pink razor.

In short, we buy things because they make us feel good. Whether they enhance the way we look, feel, think, or act, companies that advertise the benefit they offer better than the other guy will always win out. The company that communicates this benefit and caters to the consumer most attractively wins every time.

Advertising 2018 Tip #3: Content is King

If you’ve read at least one article on digital marketing, you’ve probably come across the adage “Content is King”. What this means is that whatever you provide to your consumers¬† is what facilitates their engagement. In terms of social media, this could be your company’s Facebook posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, or any type of content you post. This strategy will strengthen the relationship you have with your target audience while giving you the opportunity to converse and understand them.

digital marketingHigh-quality content that brings your customer community together provides added value to your consumer. It makes them feel like you aren’t just there to sell them something and move on. Figure out your brand voice, and post consistently to make the most of your social media outlets.

So as you’ve seen, the advertising and marketing strategies we use today greatly cater to the technology we use. To take full advantage of digital marketing’s power, learn as much as you can about who your customers are, how they use media, and how you can appeal to them. Best of luck in advertising 2018!



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